Another trip, another promise to update blog!

Maybe this time I’ll actually do it.

Tomorrow I fly to Paris via Dallas, then TGV to Avignon and rental car to Uzès, where I’ll meet Pauline and Steve at the village house we’ve rented for a week.  Frank and I had lunch on a very rainy day in Uzès several years ago on our way from the Dordogne to Provence, the only time I’ve been there.  I’m planning to love it!

At the end of the week I’ll drive to Lourmarin for a few days in a B&B, then to Bonnieux for 5 nights in Kathy and Charley’s new apartment.

TGV from Avignon back to Paris for one night at Hotel Muguet, then fly home via Dallas.

This year I couldn’t find flights in and out of Marseille with reasonable layovers (not too short, not too long, get me back to Sacramento the same day) and price, so I opted to fly in and out of Paris.   I probably should have allowed a few more days in Paris, but even one afternoon and evening will be a pleasure.


Twenty four hours from now, I’ll be in the air!

This year, I’ll spend a week with my friends Pauline, Steve, and Shannon in a house just south of Beaune in Burgundy, then about a week and a half on my own in an apartment in Nice.

I’m hoping to keep up the blog on a daily basis, but as usual it will depend on internet connection, whether I have any decent pictures to post,  and whether I feel like spending any time at the computer.

Lourmarin street scene

Lourmarin street scene

Since I have a large computer monitor that’s almost always on and in a spot I pass by dozens of times a day, I set my screen saver to a folder containing my most recent trip photos. I see them over and over again, and over time, a few emerge as my favorites, often photos that I overlooked at first.

I’m surprised I didn’t delete this photo right away, but I’m glad I didn’t because it fascinates me in spite of its technical shortcomings. I love the gorgeous doors and windows of Lourmarin as a backdrop for a variety of people going about their business on market day. The cafe waiters are always there, watching over and commenting on the passing scene.

I like the way the October light outlines the people, and there’s something about the little white-haired guy in white shorts and the little white dog that makes me laugh.

You can click on the photo to see a larger version.

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